how to decorate Karwa chouth thali

 Here you go, sir. Have it. No, Lalit. I am notgoing to eat today. But you are usually hungry by 11 a.m.What happened today? No, Lalit. I'mnot going to eat. Why, sir? - Today..The weather is so pleasant. They say we will be healthyif we eat less on such days. You may eat.- Sir, the weather.. It's great butwhy aren't you eating? Sir, are you ill?Is there anything wrong? I don't want to eat. Have some cold water then. It will alleviate your hungerand you'd feel better. Then you'll feel hungry.Look at the lavish spread. I can't drink it.Why don't you understand?

I-I am fasting today. Are you fasting? Are you fasting withyour wife? Why? Isn't that possible? It isn't said anywherethat only women should fast on 'Karva Chauth'and men shouldn't. Men can and they shouldif they are healthy. I have made it clear to my wife that I'd not fasted beforethe wedding and I'd never do it because I can't tolerate hunger.Please! Your wife is very innocent. but Babita is the opposite. Lalit, you'd not believe it. She was having feverat midnight but she is fasting sincemorning. She just doesn't listen to me.Good thing you reminded me. Have the food.Let me call her. It's wonderful.- Thank you, Sister-in-law. Yes, tell me.- How are you now?

I am feeling much better.Please don't worry. How could I not? I keepthinking of you all the time. What are you doing now? I was.. Saroj was showing herdress. Pinku gifted it to heras today is 'Karva Chauth.' Yes.. That reminds me. Men give gifts to their wiveson the day of 'Karva Chauth'. Yes. I don't need any.Don't take it in that sense. It's okay.- How will it be? Women would say it'sthe first 'Karva Chauth' after our weddingand I didn't give you a gift.

There isn't anyone to taunt me. It's just me and Saroj. I think the occasion will beincomplete until women meet. Imarti used to meet othersand exchange platters and then, perform venerations. That should happen, right? Yes, the women inthe neighbourhood avoid me since thisis my second marriage. So, I called my brotherand Saroj. All right.You did the right thing. Let me hang up now. I havea lot to do with Saroj now. Can I call you later?- Bye. Okay. Bye. Lalit, let me ask you something. Are the female officersin our station on leave todaybecause of 'Karva Chauth'? What? I knew it! He didn't get me anythingeven for 'Karva Chauth'. Mickey, how come you didn'tget a gift for Preet even today?

Very bad.- Hang on. She isn't fasting. Why shouldI give her a gift then? How mean is that, Mickey! Wait.. I am sorry.. Preet, close your eyesand show me your palms. How cute! Open your eyes now. Is thisyour 'Karva Chauth' gift? What's with this key? It's a reallyimportant key, Preet. To lock up your mouth! Mickey.. Guys, calm down.It was just a joke. Bobby also found it funny. It was just a joke. That was a lame joke, Mickey. Actually, wait..Bobby, with your permission can I talk to your sister? Yes.. Do it.I don't have any problem. Preet..

This is the keyto our happiness and I trust you.That's why I gave it to you. Oh! Come on, Preet!He is reluctant to spend money! I have always told youthat he is over smart and not to fall for his words.What on earth is this? Shut up, Bobby.. By the way, Mini, I have broughtsomething for you too.

For me?- Yes. - Why? Wait.- What have you brought? Wow!Remembrance book? Yes, open it. Mini we will always maintainour friendship like this. This is beautiful. Mickey, why are you givinga remembrance book to Mini? Because I know Mini isgoing to go far from us very soon. What?Where are you going, Mini? I won't let you goanywhere, Mini. He keeps talking nonsense. Why are you taking it seriously? You always need a reasonto hold my hand. Sure?- Yeah, I'm not going. Okay.Come on. Did you call us, sir.. Yes, I did but calm down.At ease. What's the order, sir.. I want you all to relax. I didn't call youfor any official work.

I need a help. H-Help. Actually,it's a personal matter. It's not an order but a request. Right, Lalit? Tell them. Actually, sir wants any one of you to assist himin going to the market. Actually,today is 'Karwa Chauth' and on the occasionof 'Karwa Chauth' I want to gift my wifea Punjabi suit. so I thought I don't have theknowledge to shop for women so if any of you couldhelp me in the same then it would be great. By the way, who all has kept 'Karwa Chauth' out of you three. Wow, great.You didn't keep. Don't you love your husband? Sir, I should be marriedto love someone. She's also a Bachelorettejust like me. It's okay. If you are married or not,it doesn't make a difference. You can tag alongwith me for shopping.

Very good. And you both can cometo my house at night for the 'Karva Chauth'. The 'Karva Chauth'will commence there and call your husband thereso that you can commence with the processof 'Karva Chauth'. Okay, sir.. And you can just watch the moon. Okay, sir. Show. How much is it? It reached 102.Should I call a doctor? No, don't call a doctor. You know that the doctorwill prescribe me a medicine and I won'tbe able to eat it since my fast will break. But how can I leave yousuffering with fever? If Mini comes and sees youin this condition then she will getmore angry on me. No, Saroj.

Mini worries about me a lot but don't tell herabout the same. If she gets to know then she won't wait. Forget about calling the doctor she will take me directlyto the hospital and then she will ultimatelymake me break my fast. Don't tell her. Babes! Hello. What are you both talking about? We were talking about you. Me and Saroj are fasting. We didn't eat anything but you also haven't eatenanything since morning, right? Should I fry 'Puri' for you? No, no worries.I knew that you are fasting and you won't be able to cook so I ate from outside. Okay, listen. It's time for the moon to rise. so me and Saroj have to change.

We will change, all right? Yeah, fine.That's fine. You go and change. I need to talk to her.Listen. Babes!- Sister-in-law! Babes, are you okay?Babes! Babes, what happened?Babes, get up! Sister-in-law, open your eyes.What happened? Babita! Hey..- Mom. What's wrong?Mini, lift her.. Mom..- Be careful.. Mini, go get water. Water.. Mom, please open your eyes. I don't know what happened.She was fine a while ago. She was running a fever. Mom.. Relax.. Lie down..Rest for a while. No..Did the moon rise? The moon wouldn't dare to risewhile you're asleep. The moon wouldn't risewithout my permission. Mom, sit down and relax.

Well.. On the occasion of'Karva Chauth' I got a gift for you. It's a Punjabi dress. You'll look stunningin this dress. You'll look lovely. I want you to wear thisand get ready quickly. After that,we can perform the veneration. Come on, Sister-in-law.I'll help you. Come on..- Here, take this.. Yes, give it to me.Come on. Please wait downstairs.Come on. Mr. Hanuman, mom shouldn't learnthat she consumed water because of youor else, she'll get upset. She'll start crying. So, just make sure,she doesn't realise. Okay, don't worry. I'll not tell her anything. Aunt Saroj..- Saroj.. Who is it? It's me.I have an important work. We are getting ready.Please come later. Shall I go? Mom, can I come in? Mini, what's the hurry?Please wait for a while. Let me get ready. I hope Saroj doesn't tell her.- I am worried about it as well. How do I look?- You're looking beautiful. But how will you performthe veneration? You.. - How can Iperform the veneration? I did not decoratethe veneration platter. I am so forgetful.I'll get the platter ready.

 I wonder how I forgot..-

 Listen to me, Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law, I want to tellyou about an important matter. You're looking so beautifultoday. - Hey.. - Aunt Saroj.. I need to talk to you.- I.. Aunt Saroj, I have a request. Please don't tell momthat she broke her fast because of Mr. Hanumanmade her drink water. But Mini..- Shh.. But she needs to know.- You're so naive. Just hear me out. Who offered water to my mom?Mr. Hanuman did. Who is Mr. Hanuman?He is my mom's husband. Her husband is her spouse. 'Karva Chauth' celebrates therelationship between spouses. Logically,he didn't do anything wrong. It's all right.- But Mini.. Aunt, please..You know my mother. You know she's very sentimental.If she learns about it she'll be very upset.She'll cry over it. But she deserves to know. Aunt Saroj, if you tell anythingto my mom then.. What? I cannot do anything.I am helpless. Please don't tell her about it.My dear aunt please don't tell her.I love you too, Aunt. Thank you!Please.. Please.. No.Why did you do that? You know that this is my first'Karva Chaut' after we got married.I wanted to keep the fast till the completionof all the rituals. But everything got ruined. Till now, I have neveropened my fast in-between. What is this, Aunt Saroj? Why did you tellmom about it? I had forbidden you, right? You are too much, Mini!I couldn't keep it from here. Observing this fastis the duty of a wife. Sister-in-law should atleast know that her fast has been broken beforethe completion of rituals. Mini, you can lie to your mom, but not to god. What? Mini, why are yougiving me those looks? See, I don't interfereis ladies matters. You have committedthe mistake. So, you will have to pay for it. But, Sister for how long are yougoing to starve like this? Shut up, Pinku!I am interested to talk now.

 I am feeling liketaking these two.. Listenplease calm down. I agree that observing'Karva Chaut' and doing all these ritualis important in its own way. But for me,nothing is more important than your health.That's it. That is final. Just the way nothing is moreimportant to you than my health similarly, nothing is moreimportant for me than you. See here.

Nothing has happened to me. I am sitting rightin front of you fit and fine. This 'Karva Chaut' ritual isnot once in a life time affair. It is observed every year. You can keep thefast next year. God too will get appeasedand grant you whatever you want. There is nothing to worry.Okay? Yes, Mom, he is correct. Please, Mom. For how long areyou going to starve like this? Please eat something, Mom. Don't irritate me, Mini.I won't eat. I have already told you. God! Listen,if you keep acting like this your condition might worsen. How does that matter to you?

I have seen that you don'tcare for my feelings. This is wrong, Mom.This is very wrong. Why are you blaming,Mr. Hanuman? He cares for you so much.Even you know that. In fact,we all care for you so much. That's why, we havebeen sitting here since long and trying to convinceyou to eat some food. Tell me something,Mom. Opening the fastafter seeing the Moon is just a ritual, right? It is not importantthan your life, correct? The person for whose sakeyou had been kept this fast himself had madeyou drink water. It is not someone else.So, it's okay, Mom. There isn't anyhard and fast rule. Thank god that at least he was the one who hadmade me drink water. Otherwise, I am afraid somedisaster might've happened. It's okay. Don't beso superstitious first of all. Second, come on, eat, Mom. Eat something at least now,Mom. Show some concern forMr. Hanuman at least. He, too, is observing a fast. He has neither eaten nor hasdrank anything since morning.

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